Web browsers: Y u no autosave textarea?

Web browsers are still missing a fundamental feature: autosaving textarea input.

It should function like any other editor that we’re used to. Microsoft Word has autosaving and so does this WordPress content area when drafting a post. Even the single line input fields remember what you’ve previously submitted them with.

Why are browsers still missing this feature as we use them more and more as actual apps? Gmail? Google Docs?

You can build in the auto-save ability with Javascript such as this WordPress content area but why do developers have to build and manage this?

If there doesn’t already exist, I’m proposing an “HTML5″ addition to autosave textareas into “LocalStorage” and provide an API for Javascript to easily interact with it. I’m thinking <textarea name="blog_content" autosave></textarea>

I should be able to right click (Windows) in the textarea and select which revision to update it to or delete all entries if I wish.

Worthy idea or terrible?

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