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Symfony2 + Varnish-like ESI with Akamai ETS mod_esi Edge Side Include

A quick and simple introduction of testing Symfony2 with Akamai’s Edge Side Includes testing server. Continue reading

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Why Amazon Route 53 (DNS) is Important in AWS

The other night I was trying to finish up a blog post on why AWS needs to add DNS to their services and then I get an email announcing Route 53, AWS’s DNS service. About time. Instead of saying why … Continue reading

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FTP Protocol – Why Two Ports and Connections?

I’m finding that┬áStack Overflow and Server Fault fuel me with motivation to actually dig up answers to questions I’ve had but was too busy or could not easily find the answer to. One of the questions I’ve had is why … Continue reading

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CentOS 5.5 + PHP 5.3.3 + PHP-FPM + APC + nginx (yum RPMs)

Quick[est] HOWTO for CentOS 5.5 on installing PHP 5.3.x and APC running via PHP-FPM through nginx all from RPMs using yum and the EPEL + IUS Community repos. Continue reading

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